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Food Industry
& Sustainability Enhancement

Main activity

Food Process Analysis and Design

KPAD Ltd can demonstrate expert knowledge in simulation and integration of state-of-the-art industrial processes, product development and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of products and services for energy and resource saving and sustainable development.

  • Systainability
  • Innovation
  • Product Development
our team

Top Specialists

Our goal is to be the best in all projects we undertake. To be innovative and exciting, to perform to the highest level of excellence and effectiveness to every challenge put in front of us: LCA analysis, process and product design, process simulation.

Katerina Adam


Snezana (Anna) Vasits

Project Manager

Olga Serifi

Project Manager

KPAD Ltd‘s scientific team is composed of highly motivated and qualified people with research experience in universities and companies from various geographies. Our people hold master degrees and doctorates in engineering, environmental management and MBAs. Our team’s expertise spans process and product design, development and optimization, development of mathematical models describing the physical processes and thermophysical properties of materials, application of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Environmental management, determination of sensory analysis, shelf life and user’s acceptance tests and finally legislation issues.

We are interested in establishing worldwide partnerships in a wide range of scientific research projects (food industry, bio-based industry, process development, eco-innovation, life cycle assessment) and undertaking competitive research assignments that will lead to high standard scientific results.

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