FUNFOOD Platform

Funfood is web-based platform that offers its users important data on novel technologies and recipes for the design/re-design of functional food products targeted to specific groups of people. FunFood has been developed in the context of KATANA project and it has been funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement N° 691478.

FunFood Concept

The purpose of FunFood platform is to help towards the development of functional food products targeted to specific groups of consumers. The toolbox will exploit numerous data concerning: (a) food category, (b) target group, (c) bioactive compounds, (d) natural sources of bioactive compounds, (e) processes, (f) brief techno economic data, (g) data on European food legislations for health and safety issues, (h) market analysis, etc

The FunFood covers:

  • all the major categories of food products
  • a large number of target groups and food functionalities
  • a large area of the European Food legislation concerning functional foods
  • market analysis for several food products
  • various food processes and food recipies
  • procedures, useful tips and general information on developing a new functional food, etc.

It contains information for:

  • over 3000 functional products
  • about 1000 food recipes
  • 130 bioactive compounds
  • 15 target groups
  • 70 functionalities and
  • 30 food processes

Key program features

It provides users with the ability to design a functional food from the FunFood database in a user-friendly and efficient manner.

It also allows users to create their own scenarios (FunFood is capable of storing multiple scenarios for each user) and to validate them with KPAD support team*.

Apart from that, it gives them useful information on:

  • the relative technologies in food industry,
  • the major Companies and R&D departments,
  • relative market analysis and
  • legislation regarding functional foods.

Getting access to Funfood

To gain access to Funfood platform, please Sign up here. If you already have an account, Login here.


*: KATANA beneficiaries only